Targeted. Trusted. Transparent.

Improve citizen experience while measuring it.

You can’t measure citizen experience without affecting it. With CityGrader, you can improve citizen experience by receiving targeted feedback through a trusted process that lets citizens know that they’re heard, valued, and respected.

How it works
Receive a survey link and identification number:
Employees of participating agencies provide customers with contact cards featuring a QR code that links to an employee-specific customer survey. Every card’s QR code is unique, which provides for more reliable feedback based on real customer interactions.
Leave useful and targeted feedback:
Most CityGrader customer surveys take less than a couple of minutes to complete and are scoped to individual employees, departments, locations, or events. Feedback is forwarded directly to the appropriate agency division while a copy is sent to the customer’s email address.
Trust the process and see the results:
CityGrader is a fully independent platform that ensures all customer feedback is faithfully transmitted to the appropriate agency division. What’s more, participating agencies can elect to have customer reviews routed directly to for easy public access and increased transparency.

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