About Us

CityGrader is a simple and effective platform dedicated to increasing the quality and accountability of local governments through reviews and feedback that come directly from the public. Through the CityGrader platform, taxpayers play a meaningful role in making positive change in local government by increasing the quality and accountability of public employees.

CityGrader members can improve their community by making constructive suggestions and can even express gratitude by showing appreciation for a job well done.

As members, CityGraders can request that their municipality fix a shabby road. They can lodge a complaint against an unfair building inspector. They can send a review commending an exceptional police officer who saved their day. CityGrader allows citizens to play an active role in improving their community.

Local governments, through the Public Partner Dashboard, can act on this feedback by interacting with members directly to show appreciation or help them resolve any issues they may have. Based on member feedback, Public Partners can work to improve the efficiency of public services, adjust policies as necessary to improve effectiveness and expose any negligence or corruption which may be present within their staff. Every local government that becomes a CityGrader Public Partner pledges an oath to actively monitor feedback and engage with the residents they serve to improve accountability, transparency and public services.